Back to England. Without changing any history, I definitely would be going back to that time when I was in England. It might be sound classic, but I always miss my peaceful life there. Even when I walked along the way by myself, I never felt alone. I always enjoyed by the excitement of the city; the British accent, the street singer, the old buildings, old couples holding hands, the contrast colour among grass, sky, and buildings. That peaceful which indescribable by words. IMG_1068 On the second months living in England, I joined as one of the participants as angklung (traditional music instrument from Indonesia) player with my friends from Newcastle. That was held in London. And that was the first time I went to London. After the show, My friends and I wandered to explore London in the night, which was really really really awesome. On the following day, I continued to explore London with my bestfriend. (Pardon my hair, I upload my photos before I wear hijab). IMG_3419 IMG_3523 I was really grateful for having such good classmates in Newcastle University, kind dorm mates, closes friends, good community, lots of activities from PPI Newcastle (Indonesian student community in Newcastle), IA ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology alumni community in the UK), and also moslem community in town. One thing that I hated from my study was the exam which was held after long holiday. On Christmas holiday, I decided just going to London, Bath, Oxford, and Stonehenge with my dorm mates. That was fun though.IMG_8117 IMG_8150 On January, I got the invitation from IA ITB community to attend the alumni meeting in London. Again, London never failed me. London was the city in the world that I never got bored of, even until now. After the meeting, for the several times, I took times for enjoying the night ambiance of the town. IMG_9189 IMG_9251 Finally, on Easter holiday I went to Europe with my 3 friends and 1 new friend. Unexpectedly, after 12 days living together, all of them became my close friends and that holiday was one of the most lunatic journey in my life. PhotoGrid_1364932059475 On the sunny June, I was offered as one of the narrators on the filming project by PPI UK. The video told about the local food in several cities in the UK. Figure it out !

IMG_6328 - Copy On July, I was experiencing the Ramadhan fasting in the UK, which was 19 hours a day. Fortunately, I always eat my sahur and breakfasting together with my friends. I was forced to change my life habit, I slept in the morning and I woke up in the afternoon, so that I could wasting time by sleeping. And I had to manage my dissertation, whereas other people spending their summer holiday by eurotrip. Finally, on early September I submitted my final dissertation and I celebrated it with took a journey to the Scotland and enjoying the town before I had to go home in Indonesia. I couldn’t admit that I still wanted to be there in Newcastle at least until my graduation in December. So I postponed my flight schedule to Indonesia until 2 weeks afterwards, so I still got a chance to enjoy this city for the last time. If only I took videos of the town, I could manage to compile a video about Newcastle. The hardest part was also saying goodbye to my lovely dorm, Leazes Terrace. Actually, I went to Dubai with my friends and boyfriend before I arrived in Indonesia. 1377792826865 Photo 02-09-2013 04 19 11 pm ——————————————————————————————————————————————— I went back to Newcastle on my congregation day in December.  Accompanied by my mom and my boyfriend, I attend that special day. I was proud to show myself standing with my congregation dress to my parents. Actually, there was nothing changed in Newcastle. That warmest welcome, that ambiance, that street singer. My memories flew to September 2012 where it all began. And I just smiled. IMG_7937 DSC02548