Finding peace in Durham

When you stay in Newcastle upon Tyne, you have to take your time to travel around Durham. Durham is a beautiful city in the south of Newcastle. You can take the bus number 21 from Eldon Square Shutter Bus in Newcastle and stop at Durham Bus Station, it only take about 40 minutes. After you arrived at the bus station, just turn on your GPS and follow the map to go to the biggest and oldest cathedral in Durham called Durham Cathedral. The location of cathedral is directly besides University of Durham.

Durham is a peaceful village. The city is quiet, the weather is cool and the street is wet because of rain. Sometimes the old couple just crossed the street or sat on the chair. But don’t worry, there are a quite lot of young people also since there is the university over there.

There are a lot of shops along the street towards the Durham Cathedral such as The Body Shop (which had a discount party and I bought some. It’s much cheaper than in Indonesia, tho), coffee shop, souvenirs store, the Top Shop (clothing store), Shoe store, food shop, book store, and many more.

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral

Graveyard in front of the cathedral

Graveyard in front of the cathedral

 I entered the cathedral but unfortunatelly it was not allowed to take the pictures inside. The ambience was really good and there were a lot of history. I also invited to join the afternoon service but I couldn’t since I am a moslem. The people were very nice and excited to tell the story of Durham Cathedral.

After took a walk around the cathedral, let’s go to the coffee shop. There are a lot of coffee shop along the streets and I preferred Esquires Coffee. Don’t know why, just randomly picked.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

On my way back home, I just passed one of the famous landmark at Newcastle called the Angel of the North. So we just took the picture of it.

Find your inner peace in Durham. Just find.



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