I’m just the ordinary person who wants to live happily ever after. As simple as that.

I thought that I’m the one of that kind of person, but universe change my way.

My straight path leads me into a maze. a very complicated maze. That I never understand.

I was really sure that it just a little obstacle and someday I would find the happy ending.


But the maze became more complicated. And such a dead-end.

No exit.

I tried to break the door.

I was tired.

The rain was pouring down. And I just sat down such a weak.

Crying. Screaming. Insecure.

I have no power to fight the destiny. It was too strong.


Today I realize. We may do efforts but let destiny decides.

I’ll never knock the door again. I’ll never go back to the maze again.

It may hurts so much but maybe It’ll be more if I force to knock that door.

I decided to wait. To wait another destiny will gives me.


“For you who I haven’t ever met already, I have one request

Keep him forever, take care of him, don’t ever let him go.

You’re such the luckiest person and I know you’re great.

You’re deserve it. You’re the best. πŸ™‚ “


Now I’m waiting for another door opened for me.

Erase the moments that we ever made.

And never look back.