Hello world !

Nowadays, technology has a significant increasing trend than before which leads the giant companies to create something unthinkable. Let say Steve Job with his apples which always run in innovation. Not also about the gadget, but the software itself. Many interesting application and websites we can enjoy, included social network. Begin with friendster, facebook, twitter, and so on like today.

One day, I checked my hotmail and I receive a message about ‘linked in’ invitation. As a social network user, I opened it. And it showed me the social network but with specific aim. Linked in is a social network with the worker, employee, businessman, as the user as one circle. The aim is obviously for making a great connection between people in business area. Supported by neat and formal view, could make linked in looked more professional. So, I decided to sign up and shocked of a fact that mostly of my friends had join also.

Profile view on linked in
Profile appearance on linked in

What shocked me more though is Google + (Google Plus).

Invited by my friend, I tried to sign up. And I was so surprised while I found out, because it was cool. But it’s familiar because I think google + is combination between facebook and twitter.

Basically, google + consist of several features :

1. Circles

Circles of Google Plus
Circles of Google Plus

Circles is like twitter + facebook. We can follow the people and followed by people. But the difference with twitter is : in google +, you’re not only could tweet in 140 characters but also could post anything even the video! We can follow the people and categorize them in some circles. There are 3 basic circles (friends, family, and acquaintances) but you can add more circles.

2. Photos

This feature is used for organizing the multimedia. We can also edit the photos by this feature. When I uploaded the photo to google +, I use the feature for editing my photo with the software named picnik. There’s something unique in this software. When loading, usually we found the percentage of the loading process. But in picnik software, there’s no percentage during the loading process but there are the activities in agriculture. Can you imagine?

menghangatkan angin
menghangatkan angin

What shows in the loading is not the percentage but it shows the process in agriculture activity (written in bahasa) for example : mencabuti rumput, menghangatkan angin, menyebarkan pupuk, etc.

3. Sparks

Look similar with google search, sparks is used for helping us searching another contents.

4. Hangout

Hangout is the feature which offer you make a video call with others (private or conference)

5. Huddle

Huddle is useful for sending instant message to another social network.

Actually, among those features, I just already use only circles feature. So let’s try another features then!

I think, google + is the innovation of twitter and facebook. Twitter and facebook are the products which are “stick” to the consumer. The meaning of ‘stick’ here is a good brand so the people could easily remember or stick to their brain. Then Google made it become ‘sticker’ than previous with this innovation. But it’s just based on my opinion, just let see next.

So, come on try the google + and its features !