Good evening, hei you 😀

I was in a little bit panic lately, moreover when I decided to arrange my future plan. What will I do in my 25? What will I be in the next 5 years? What kind of the most expensive thing which I could buy in the next 2 years? Who’s my husband? Where will I live?

Tired of thinking about future plan, I’ m trying to list the SPT (Short Period Target) in my life. What  is SPT?

One day, I ever thought about long period target.

My five years ahead target. Ten years ahead. And so on.

But, absolutely for reaching those long term period, we have to fulfill our short term period target first, which sometimes we don’t too much notice about!

So, I started to arrange my SPT every 2 weeks. Every SPT has their own ways how to reach the target. I started in the first week of March with these simple target.

Spending more time with reading books and newspaper.

How to reach that kind of SPT?

1. For spending more time with reading books, I decided to buy books more often. And a day after I made the SPT, I bought a book titled “101 Kisah Inspiratif”, Bread for Friends (even there are books of mine which haven’t read yet)

Let's read all of these!
Let's read all of these!

2. For spending more time with newspaper, I tried to change my internet regular package. At first, I always buy a daily package for internet from my blackberry, which it only can be used for BBM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter. For increasing my ‘brain capacity’, I turn to monthly internet package with unlimited browsing. By downloading the interesting features on my BB, I can easily open news (i.e : detikcom, which I like most) and more interesting to read news via my BB. Practical !

3. Reading more magazine articles. One of the way for adding your magazine collections is : take the import magazines which served in the hotel room. 😀


And now, for welcoming the 3rd week of March, I’ve made my next SPT.


So, what’s your SPT ?