It’s raining outside in Saturday afternoon.

My little daughter just play her dolls in her room, while her older brother comes occasionally for disturbing her big teddy bear. As usual, I’m cooking my family favorite pasta, spaghetti.

Suddenly she comes to me and asking me some questions.

Child : Mama, how did you meet Ayah at the first time?

Me     : (smiling) at my college, dear. Why do you ask me like that?

Child : It was a long time ago, mama. It’s about…

Me      : 12 years ago, dear (smiling and pouring the flour)

Child : Wow, I wonder, why don’t both of you get bored each other? You just spend your day everyday together in home. Sleeping together and doing house activities together. I’m amazed, you always kiss him every morning while he’s sleeping and he does too while you’ve fallen asleep every night. Everyday you tell him about what happened in your office, and he does too. Why?

Me      : Dear, come here (hug her daughter and smile). I do that because I love him.

Child : It’s all only because you love him?

Me     : Yes (smiling)

Child : Does he love you, too?

Me      : Yes, honey.

Child : I still wonder, mama.

Me    : Now, it’s time for you to take a bath before your dad’s coming. Someday you’ll understand and find that person too.

Child : Oke mama, I love you. I love Ayah.

Me     : (smiling)


As a new mother, I fail.

I fail to explain about something to my children wisely.

I open my little notes, and write down the next number.

Being a good wife and supermom :

1.) Care

2.) Cooking for family 🙂

3.) Managing home

4.) Managing family’s cashflow

5.) Tell story to the children

6.) Explain something to my children wisely


I close my notes and serve the spaghetti for my lovely husband and children. Smile and thankful.